Some of our projects

Website Monitoring Service

Monitor service health & availability with periodic global ping checks from external probes. It helps you automatically catch problems before your customers do.

You can ping servers, monitor websites, web server certificates, DNS entries for domain, check email server and TCP / UDP connectivity for arbitrary ports. When monitoring system detects anomaly or outage you (or your DevOps team) will be immediately notified.

Service was launched in February 2016 and since then we helped hundreds of customers.

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Synthetic browser testing

Run your Puppeteer test scripts from datacenters all over the world.

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REST API: HTML to PDF conversion

Convert your HTML document to PDF with Chrome rendering engine.

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JavaScript library: conversion booster

Increase your conversion by showing recent activity to your users.

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REST API: get trust level for email domain

Detect disposable, temporary & free email addresses.

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Expertise & Passion

We create cross-platform .NET Core enterprise-grade applications running on-premises or cloud. We are also fluent with SQL and JavaScript / TypeScript.

If you would like to hire us for your project you can contact us here - our company is based in Europe with EU VAT number.